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By contrast, as Head of English at a local secondary school, he spends his days beating not literally the same creativity out of the next generation in order to cripple any chance of future competition. He lives off the beaten track in the small city of Lincoln, UK.


His first fiction was published in Inferno! Following the trajectory of a blood-red comet, the berserk World Eaters blaze a path of destruction across the galaxy in its wake. The small cemetery world of Certus Minor appeals to the Space Marines of the Excoriators Chapter for protection, but the force dispatched to deal with this grim threat is far too small and their losses against the renegades are high. Just as all seems lost, salvation is borne out of legend itself as sinister spectral warriors descend upon this planet of the dead, and the enemies of the Imperium come face to face with those who have already travelled beyond the realm of the living Read more Read less.

About the Author Rob Sanders is a freelance writer, who spends his nights creating dark visions for regular visitors to the 41st millennium to relive in the privacy of their own nightmares. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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There is very little about the legion of November 5, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I am disappoint. There is very little about the legion of the damned, the character development was jerky at best, and there is very little interaction or plot movement. May 2, - Published on Amazon. Excellent read by a talented writer. Some strong and compelling characters, a flowing and exciting story, and an absolutely epic ending.

Everything you want in a Warhammer story is here, but this is just a great book regardless of setting.

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May 17, - Published on Amazon. Battle for a minor plant against overwhelming odds. With no hope of winning The Scourge must find a way. May 7, - Published on Amazon. Rob Sanders is a favorite 40k author of mine first read a novella of his, Redemption Corps, in the anthology "Honour Imperialis" , and he's earned a reputation among the Black Library writers as being quite adept at portraying gritty, miserable battles.

In this particular case, depicting a genocidal "Blood Crusade" the antagonists and a Chapter of Space Marines devoted to self-mortification facing off in a last-stand clash, he really does a good job. This particular bunch devotes themselves to physical mortification as a form of ritual penance: they flog, whip, and lash themselves as a form of atonement and communion with their long-lost gene-sire, Rogal Dorn. While this might seem like a sad case of masochism and self-torture, it isn't, I assure you, and clear connection is made between what the current Marines do and how Dorn himself meditated under physical duress.

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The main character, Captain Kersh, explicitly denounces any mortification beyond ritual observance, and the reader is given clear pictures of Marines who hurt themselves too much. One complaint is that Kersh is something of a pretty boy who hates himself and feels super-sad over the loss of the Chapter's standard battle-banner. He isn't pretty clear emphasis is made on his looks, and while he's "jacked up" to begin with, a series of competitive fights make him even uglier , and the entire Chapter takes a serious blow to their morale and pride at the standard's loss: Kersh was struck blind, deaf, and dumb no joke by a malady that afflicts Excoriators at random, utterly paralyzing them, and the Alpha Legion a Traitor Marine Legion was able to steal the standard and poison the Chapter Master, and subsequently destroy any attempts to retrieve it.

Other than the Chapter Master himself, Kersh was the best soldier in the entire Chapter, and such failure would crush the spirit of anyone, worst of all the best of the best.

On top of that, he's openly loathed by almost every other Marine and even a couple of his own servants dislike him. And yet, despite all that, he actually is a pretty rounded character and very easy to identify with. He feels horrid at his failure as anyone would, and wants to retrieve the standard and execute the Alpha Legion, but his sense of duty takes priority as he's promoted after winning a major contest and receives orders to meet with Imperial executives, who require him to protect a cemetery world from the aforementioned Blood Crusade this would be perfectly the same as a real army running train on a real cemetery.

Kersh has no choice but to fulfill his obligations, earning further spite from his subordinates. Worse, ever since being pulled from his coma, he sees a horrific ghost, and believes that he might be going mad as a continuing symptom of the Darkness the curse that plagues the Chapter: it is said to show Marines what Rogal Dorn felt when the Emperor of Mankind nearly died in the Heresy, to imagine for even a second an Imperium without its true leader.

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Seller Inventory n. Legion of the Damned 8 Space Marine Battles. Rob Sanders. Publisher: Games Workshop , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

Synopsis About this title The Excoriators seem powerless to protect the small cemetery world of Certus Minor from the berserk World Eaters, but their salvation soon comes from a wholly unexpected quarter About the Author : Rob Sanders is a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes.

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