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To the left, America is defined by racial discrimination, poverty in the midst of riches, and a host of other ills. The left ignores the fact that mainstream America long ago adopted Dr. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo captured the prevailing negative attitude of the left when he remarked in August, , "We're not going to make America great again. It was never that great.

Wide but not deep

But belief in the greatness of America does not depend on America being a perfect country. Mainstream Americans have traditionally recognized the fact that our imperfections are shared and often exceeded by other nations, but that our failings are far outweighed by our successes.

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America is not exceptional on the deficit side of our moral ledger, but on the asset side, in the tremendous good America has offered to our own citizens and to the world. It is that overwhelming balance on the positive side that is ignored and distorted in the leftist propaganda flowing from our cultural institutions.

There was, however, an encouraging sign in the poll results. While And Another key factor in reducing anti-Americanism since the Bush era was the Obama presidency.

Anti-Americanism In Korea: Causes And Implications

As the Pew surveys show , Obama was very popular outside the US, where his time in the Oval Office was watched with much interest and hope. The most obvious example of this was Obama being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in Obama liked to present himself as the quintessential 21st-century American: with a white mother and a black father, longstanding and recent immigrant ties to America, and a pragmatic willingness to compromise on political matters. The fact Trump and the birther movement slandered Obama for supposedly not being born in America, and even for being a closet Muslim, generally made him more popular abroad.

Obama was seen as an ideal antidote to the globally unpopular Republican Party. Non-Americans were largely impressed by this persona and the new America Obama talked about. As a result, America once again became hip around the world. Even the election of Trump has not entirely washed out this new understanding of America from the collective consciousness of non-Americans. In the years since Bush left the Oval Office, a more nuanced view of America and Americans has become more predominant.

Is anti-Americanism rising in Germany?

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Brendon O'Connor , University of Sydney. Read more: With Cohen and Manafort both guilty, the pressure on Trump is rising Another key factor in reducing anti-Americanism since the Bush era was the Obama presidency. While the events of September 11 did not alter U. The reaction became more vitriolic and organized at a state and non-state level. Also, anti-American sentiment was historically reserved for the policies and personalities of a government, but not the people themselves.

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Especially after the presidential election, 21st-century anti-Americanism is just as much directed at the American people. As Julia Sweig writes in FriendlyFire :. Americans can no longer take superior comfort from assurances that even our closest historic allies hate us only because of our power and wealth. In addition to the historical, structural, and economics dynamics feeding Anti-America, recent U. Ironically, one of the preemptive techniques of combating anti-Americanism, the association of American values with universal values, has exacerbated rather than solved the problem.

In the past, Tom Paine made the struggle for American independence part of a global fight for freedom. Today, this assertion of American values as universal comes from an imposing superpower rather than a scrappy underdog. Though it divided opinion in the United States, the Arab street viewed the first Gulf War as mostly acceptable. After all, Iraq had invaded Kuwait, which in turn asked the United States to intervene and kick out the perpetrator. This first invasion of Iraq, which involved many more nations, had the backing of the UN.

Anti-Americanism Rises in Turkey as US-Turkish Tensions Escalate | Voice of America - English

Even the war in Afghanistan garnered greater worldwide sympathy since it followed an unprovoked attack on the United States and the organizers of the attack were thought to be staging their operation inside Afghanistan. The war in Iraq, however, has become a deeply divisive policy in the United States and the world. The Middle East population heavily opposes the U. The Department of State remains the chief coordinator of open-sourced U.

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Most of their efforts are targeting Muslim majority countries of strategic importance to the much maligned war on terror. These funding levels have not included matching public diplomacy staff levels. Among those staff, a quarter is language-deficient in the areas of concern.

Russian anti-Americanism on the rise

In the last four years, the State Department initiated three major public diplomacy activities in the Arabic-speaking world. A youth-oriented magazine Hi was suspended in December And a series of youth-focused exchange programs also suffered cutbacks due to security concerns and visa problems. Since youth in the Muslim world still remain a primary target, funding for Al Hurra and Radio Sawa broadcasting efforts to the Middle East are continuing.

The State Department, along with the Pentagon, the Agency for International Development, and the intelligence agencies are focused on countering global propaganda campaigns of Islamic extremism.

Germany’s Far Right Complicates Life for Merkel, and the E.U.

This public diplomacy campaign has been less than sure-footed. Al Kamen of the Washington Post created his own montage of what newspapers said about the tour. Before Hughes came on board, her predecessor Charlotte Beers referred to George Bush and Colin Powell as the public faces of public diplomacy.

The world is at odds with Bush and his policies.