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Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page. Design Coordination It deals with maintaining policies, guidelines, standards, budget for service design activity.

Actions and Detail Panel

Service Catalogue Management This process is responsible for designing service catalogue containing service specific to the customer for which they are willing to pay. Service Level Management The goal of this process is to ensure quality of the services meet provisioned quality agreement.

Capacity Management Capacity Management ensures optimal and economic usage of existing resources and future capacity requirement planning. Availability Management Availability Management ensures the operative services meet all agreed availability goals. Information Security Management This process ensures confidentiality, integrity, availability of data.

To ensure consistency in the design of the following in order to meet the present and future needs and requirements of businesses which are always evolving:.

ITIL Service Design

All design activity comes under the scope of design coordination. The scope of the design coordination varies from one organization to another as each company will have different objectives, vision, and strategy. Certain design efforts will be a part of a project and others will be managed solely via the change process, without a formally defined project. Design coordination needs to pay maximum attention to major changes.

Every organization needs to properly define the level of attention which needs to be applied to each design in design coordination. The interaction between the design and processes, review, measurement and improvement of service design also come under the scope of design coordination process. The design coordination process makes sure that the desired business outcomes are provided by the consistent quality solution designs and service design protocols.

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The process activities under design coordination come under two categories:. Activities which are related to the overall service design lifecycle stage. The stages of the process activities are as shown in the flowchart below. The aim of this process is to manage and develop service design resources and competencies in order to make sure that a reliable and steady approach is implemented across all the service transition projects.

4 P’s of Service Design

The aim of this process is to make detailed plans of all design activities to ensure that all relevant topics are taken into account during service design. The aim of this process is to coordinate the design activities which are performed by multiple service design processes and to find out if the services which are newly implemented or changed can be provided economically.

The aim of this process is to find out the way in which a new service will be provided from an IT perspective, by specifying the technical infrastructure which needs to be created along with the organizational changes which are required. The aim of this process is to provide the service design package for a final review and start the implementation of the service by submitting a formal RFC Request for Change.

Maintaining high-quality Service Design Packages throughout the complicated landscape consisting of different businesses, services, and infrastructure. To ensure that adequate resources are allocated to design coordination activities. To develop common practices which produce the high-quality designs which are needed, without bringing in unwanted bureaucracy. The following risks are encountered while implementing design coordination:. Business priorities and requirements which are poorly defined or not clearly mentioned. Design Coordination in ITIL thus helps to make plans, organize all the design activities and manage the interfaces with service strategy and service transition.

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ITIL Service Design

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