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The chapters pertaining to techniques are logically and consistently organized to include clinical anatomy, patient positioning, sonographic imaging, needle insertion techniques, nerve stimulation, and local anesthetic application.

An entire chapter is dedicated to the technique of catheter insertion using ultrasonography. Separate chapters are dedicated to paravertebral and intercostal blocks. The atlas also features advanced ultrasound techniques, such as imaging and ultrasound-guidance of neuraxial blocks. This text is nicely supplemented with numerous anatomical drawings and images of cadaveric dissections. Many chapters feature logically organized and easy to follow coloured tables.

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Ultrasound images are well labelled and are often accompanied by corresponding magnetic resonance images for easier understanding of the featured anatomy. The role of peripheral nerve stimulation in conjunction with ultrasound guidance is also examined, and practical management is recommended in various clinical scenarios. Relevant literature is cited throughout. For this reason, residents should be encouraged to learn both techniques.

Only time will tell which one of these techniques will become the method of choice for nerve localization pending results of future outcome studies and clinical experience.

The present handbook serves as a guide to those colleagues who are enthused by this new and fascinating technique. It is nevertheless imperative to attend specifi c courses that impart the essential knowledge on this technique and it is also important to acquire in-depth training at hospitals that have ample experience with this technology.

Introduction to Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia

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