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Reflections on Spirituality and Health ‐ by Wright, S.G.

They will learn the practical steps for implementing and evaluation GTRR in their schools. GTRR is a mentored small group program which aims to integrate meaning, purpose and connectedness into the continuum of medical education—from medical student to practicing physician. Through mentor and peer-facilitated reflection, participants consider how their encounters with patients affect them emotionally, spiritually, and formatively.

Preliminary program evaluation data shows impact on student and faculty awareness of spirituality, meaning, on student ability to be present to others and on student wellbeing.

Reflections: A Spirituality of Partnership

Faculty also described impact on their own re kindling of joy and meaning in their profession. GTRR is built on national competencies work in spirituality and health-- spirituality broadly defined as meaning, purpose and connectedness. Studies have demonstrated lower levels of depression and burnout with this approach to forming and sustaining professional growth.

This ability of the students to reflect is critical to practicing Medicine with integrity, accountability, compassion, and respect for others.

With the guidance of highly experienced faculty mentors, students share their experiences and perspectives with others and then listen as others share their experiences. This fosters the inner growth needed for them to become compassionate physicians. The G-TRR has received strong positive feedback from participating schools.

The Role of Spirituality in Healthcare

The key to the success of this program is the possession of specialized facilitator skills. Facilitators in general are physician and chaplains, partnering together to help students gain a deeper insight into their experiences with patients. This training program will start on July 14th, following the 8th Annual Spirituality and Health Summer institute. Paul said that our bodies are temples designed to glorify God 1 Cor.

In other words, the way we manage our physical health affects our spiritual well-being.

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In the article, Bruce shares how he embarked on becoming fit through becoming a long distance runner. I was able to relate well to his comments because I have been running since I was in high school for over 40 years. More importantly I appreciated his insight into the connection between his health and his faith, as that is the focus of my writings and speaking.

Adding Our Voices: Spiritual Care and Reflection in Mental Health and Healing

So, go move your body. Go for a walk.

Article — Spirituality and Health — Understanding the Connection. I remember a comment that Dr. Stanley made about times when we are weak physically or tired that we are also more open to temptations.

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