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Techniques to monitor degradation of the probe Intercalation of double-stranded DNA-binding dyes 32 P probe labeling Labeling of the probe with fluorescent dyes TaqMan assay named after Taq DNA polymerase was one of the earliest methods introduced for real time PCR reaction monitoring and has been widely adopted for both the quantification of mRNAs and for detecting variation.

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The method exploits the 5' endonuclease activity of Taq DNA polymerase to cleave an oligonucleotide probe during PCR, thereby generating a detectable signal. The probes are fluorescently labeled at their 5' end and are non-extendable at their 3' end by chemical modification. Specificity is conferred at three levels: via two PCR primers and the probe. Applied Biosystems probes also include a minor groove binder for added specificity. Validation of DNA microarray results. Variation analysis including SNP discovery and validation.

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Product Details. The top performer among real-time PCR thermal cyclers Do you rely on low operating costs, fast analysis times, and obtaining the best results — all at a high sample volume?


Consumables for this Device. Microplate 96 well LP Learn more. Adhesive sealing foil 50 x 55 mm Learn more. Additional warranty We extent your warranty We extend your warranty free of charge to three years for many selected thermalcyclers. Contact us We are happy to help you and will contact you as quickly as possible.

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Ihr Warenkorb. Artikel im Warenkorb 0. However, it can be overwhelming to a new user given the requirement for advanced instruments, vast choices for reagents, and the complexity of the technique.

The Eco 48 workflow is based on three simple steps:

This webinar will provide an overview of basic qPCR principles compared to traditional PCR, instruments, reagents considerations, and common terms used in assay design and analysis. She received a B. As a graduate student, Leta mapped novel genetic mutations causing muscular dystrophy, using zebrafish as a model organism.