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His forty-one symphonies and over twenty piano concertos are matched by a wealth of chamber music and other works. Mozart died an unpleasant death following an infection and was buried in an unmarked grave. His last work was his uncompleted Requiem. The French conductor talks to Katherine about recording three 'mosaics' of music which Mozart composed or encountered during the period leading up to his life-changing collaboration with Lorenzo Da Ponte, including extracts from his abandoned operas Lo sposo deluso and L'oca del Cairo , and music by Salieri, Paisiello and Soler.

Mozart Arias. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer. Possibly the most talented musician to have ever lived. Show full biography Financial difficulties were a constant factor but did not prevent the composition of some outstanding masterpieces, not least his operas, among them The Marriage of Figaro , Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute. Further Reading: Mozart. Browse all further reading about Mozart. Ah, t'invola agl'occhi miei, K 58 Ah, pieta, signori miei!

Il padre adorato from Idomeneo 8 Ah, scostati!

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Chi mi dice mai from Don Giovanni 5 Ah! Lo veggio, quell'anima bella from Cosi fan tutte 4 Ah! Ah non lasciarmi no. Marche 1 Cassation K63 23 Cecilio, a che t'arresti Quest'improvviso tremito from Lucio Silla 1 Ch'io mi scordi di te? The crisp, clear, yet spacious recording, seldom matched on more recent versions, only enhances the authority and warmth of the reading.

Bohm radiates the wisdom of his years of attendance on the score without any slackening of his rhythmic grip or his demand for precision of execution. Track List: cd1 : Overture Act 1, Duetto — Cinque…dieci…venti….

Duettino — Se a caso madama la notte ti chiama Cavatina — Bravo, signor padrone! Aria — La vendetta, oh, la vendetta Duettino — Via, resti servita, madama brillante Aria — Non so piu cosa son, cosa faccio Terzetto — Cosa sento! Coro — Giovanti liete, fiori spargente Aria — Non piu andrai, farfallone amoroso Act 2, Cavatina — Porgi, amor Canzona — Voi che sapete Aria — Venite…inginocchiatevi cd2 : Recitativo — Quante buffonerie!

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Terzetto — Susanna, or via, sortite Duettino — Aprite, presto, aprite Finale — Esci, ormai, garzon malnato Voi signor, che giusto siete Duetto — Crudel! Recitativo ad Aria — Hai gia vinta la causa!

Sestetto — Riconosci in questo amplesso Recitativo ed Aria — E Susanna non vien! Coro — Ricevete, o padroncina 2. Finale — Ecco la marcia… andiamo 3. Aria — Il capro e la capretta 5.

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Aria — In quegli anni in cui val poco 6. Recitativo ed Aria — Giunse alfin il momento — Deh vieni, non tardar 8. Part1 — Part2 — Part3 — Part4 — Part5. All of them were recorded with the most famous and reputed singers and orchestras, in some cases during live performances. This recording is a good opportunity for those prefering short pieces, to get familiar with the greatest arias. Stereo, DDD, mp3, kbps, Although the autograph is lost, the exact date of the finishing is known: 4 June Mozart wrote the bassoon concerto when he was 18 years old, and it was his first concerto for wind instruments.

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Scholars believe that Mozart wrote perhaps three bassoon concerti, but that only the first has survived. Horn Concerto No. Mozart took pity on Leitgeb, as, ox and fool in Vienna on 27 May The work is in two movements. This is one of two horn concerti of Mozart to include bassoons the other is K.

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Although numbered first, this was actually the last of the four to be completed. The autograph score remained well preserved, it is stored in the British Library in London. The work is in three movements. Stereo, DDD, kbps, Recorded at the Unitarian Church, Budapest,from 5th to 9th April, It was published by — if not indeed written for — his friend Franz Anton Hoffmeister.

Because of this, the quartet has acquired the nickname Hoffmeister. There are four movements: I. Allegretto, in D major II. Adagio, in G major IV. Allegro, in D major This work, sandwiched between the six quartets he dedicated to Joseph Haydn —5 and the following three Prussian quartets —90 , intended to be dedicated to King Frederick William II of Prussia the first edition bore no dedication, however , is often polyphonic in a way uncharacteristic of the earlier part of the classical music era.

The menuetto and its trio give good examples of this in brief, with the brief irregular near-canon between first violin and viola in the second half of the main portion of the minuet, and the double imitations between the violins, and between the viola and cello going on in the trio. The customary four movements are an opening Allegro moderato, an affecting, valedictory Andante, Menuetto, and Allegro finale.

From the first movement this piece is filled with aural miracles. Mozart never specified whether the second movement is an Allegretto or an Andante. How beautiful life has been! How sad! How brief! The finale is packed with wondrous devices, such as unexpected silences and intricate counterpoint. The C-minor Fugue was first composed in December of for two pianos K. The Adagio alternates a dotted-rhythm reminiscent of a French overture with a more lyrical passage. A French overture normally begins a more extended multi-movement work; in this case, its use serves to establish a period flavor and a sense of occasion.

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Track List: String Quartet No. Stereo, DDD, mp3, kbps, ,06 Mb, minutes. About these works: The String Quartet No. This is the third of the Haydn Quartets, a set of six string quartets he wrote during his first few years in Vienna in honor of the composer Joseph Haydn. It is in four movements, with the Minuet third: I. Allegro non troppo II. Andante con moto III.

Allegro vivace The first movement is highly chromatic, with the chromaticized bridge theme in the exposition being one of several examples, the end of the exposition being another. The ostentatious dissonances of its opening almost have an antique flavour, caused by the collision of semitonal ascents and descents, and this strongly suggests the opening subject of the first movement, so surprisingly isolated there. The String Quartet No.

It is in four movements: 1. Allegro 2. Menuetto and Trio 3.

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Andante 4. Allegro non troppo The whole piece is characterized by the use of several different contrapuntal devices. Stereo, DDD, mp3, kbps, ,86 Mb, minutes.