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100 Ways America Is Screwing Up the World

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Richter Watkins. A Patriot's Dictionary of the American Language. Ned Knight. Hard Power. Kurt Campbell. Who is Destroying America? Allan Stover. Empire and Inequality. Paul Street. National Security in the Obama Administration. Synopsis About this title What do George W. Synopsis : This title offers a serious-minded - but often humourous - look at the bad example set by the greatest nation to the rest. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. New Paperback Quantity Available: Seller Rating:. Published by Harpercollins - Us Published by Harper Perennial Published by Harpercollins - Us , New York New paperback Quantity Available: New Quantity Available: Chiron Media Wallingford, United Kingdom.

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New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. Tirman's intent, however, was to address issues and events, not personalities, be they celebrities or critics. Tirman covers everything from politics to health issues to religion to economics to pop culture. It may, however, serve best as an introduction to America's path to its problems on the global stage. With a foreword by Howard Zinn whose People's History of the United States is almost indispensable in understanding that path , Tirman easily blends history with current events in assessing America's impact on the world.

The problem with the book is perhaps inherent.

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A great great deal of overlap and repetition exists among the Ways. For example, the military-industrial complex predicted by President Eisenhower, America's prior interventions in other countries, support of foreign dictators and the desire that economic policy in developing nations follow our model are just a few of the elements appearing in many of the Ways. As would be expected, many of the issues arise from political and foreign policy. As for the former, Tirman is highly critical of Republicans, particularly the Reagan Administration and what he terms "the failed presidency of George W.

Too often, Tirman believes, it produces too narrow a focus and gives rise to levels of hypocrisy. Thus, our "Puritanical Ethic" leads Tirman to note "how much more energy is put into blocking the sight of a breast on television than drawing attention to poverty, environmental destruction, war, or racism. Still, Tirman says he is attempting to be "rigorously nonpartisan. Yet there is no doubt his views find their source in traditional liberal thought. This may be seen best in his evaluation of Bill Clinton. He then condemns Clinton and the Democrats for moving toward the center or even right of center and squandering eight years in the White House.

As the executive director of the MIT Center for International Studies , Tirman is particularly qualified to evaluate the impact of America's policies and actions in foreign relations.